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Machines Wanted

JUNE 2018

Please send your offer with photos and location
to for immediate response

Calender 2 or 3 bowls, 3200mm wide, pressure 75 tonnes, temp 200C
Hank reeling machine, short machine like C&L S400
Klieverik print calender model TC131 width 160-200cm, drum 100-150cm  
Herzog / Ratera 12+16 carrier braiding machines (6-10 needed)
Herzog / Ratera Braiding machines 8 / 12 / 16 / 24 / 32 / 48 carriers
PAFA Combifil hollow spindle twister
Dornier looms HTV/8S 2200mm after 2001
Schlumberger Combs PB29/30/31/32
Sima / Roblon Rope making machines
Boilers 10,000lbs per hr - 35,000 lbs per hr

We are interested in all textile related machines,
please send us details of any machines you would like to dispose of,
our wanted list changes daily