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Farside 110 ECO





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Max Fabric width 3000mm Max quilted width 2800mm Maximum needles 110 Thread trimmer Two side cutters and a central cutter Horizontal point from 1-8mm Vertical point from 1-6.35mm Carriage stroke from 1-305mm Any number of points in each direction of quilting (360) Any sequence of seam with "Jumping" and fastening point to "baguette" Any variation of drawing up to 20,000 steps (every change of sewing direction corresponds to one step) Any design can be zoomed, flattened, elongated, reduced, narrowed, enlarged etc. Any design you type on the device can be adjusted to "memory box" Any curved seam profile with equalized point Any curved seam profile with equalized point alternating with seams in straight lines to create areas of "filled" as stitching embroidery Any small or large design, standard or outline Any quilting panel with great designs (305-610 mm) Many possibilities to multiply a drawing partially or totally